ITS America Launches ITSA Blog on ITSdigest
August 31, 2017
Pete Goldin

ITS America has launched the ITSA Blog, the association's first official blog, on ITSdigest.

The blog will feature commentary from a variety of ITS America team members on topics relating to ITS America, related conferences such as the upcoming ITS World Congress in Montreal, US and global ITS markets, and more.

ITSA Blog content is accessible via ITSdigest's top nav bar, which directs you to this page: .

The most recent ITS America blogs can also be found on the ITSdigest home page, in the far right column.

ITS America is the nation’s leading advocate for the technological modernization of our transportation system by focusing on advancing research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems.

The association's unique membership brings together all key stakeholders in the intelligent transportation movement – including established and emerging private companies, public agencies and state DOT officials as well as leaders in the academic and research communities.

Other ITS associations – from US states, regions, or countries – that would like to launch a similar blog on ITSdigest, please contact Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of ITSdigest.