Given the rapidly changing environment and technologies surrounding connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), the challenges of planning, prioritizing, constructing, maintaining, and operating transportation infrastructure will only become more complex. This paper from Iteris identifies specific challenges posed for public agencies, and lays out immediate action items for transportation professionals so that they can start preparing now for the future.

Traffic signals are warranted for two basic reasons: First, efficiency. Traffic signal warrants mainly deal with traffic volume and this justification is purely about effectively moving vehicles. The second area of warrants has to do with safety. Its basis is how to reduce the number of right angle accidents. The problem is that while traffic signals reduce right angle accidents, they can actually increase the number of rear end accidents due to the phenomena of the dilemma zone

Moreno Valley, California, is noticing major benefits from Vantage Vector camera installations from Iteris.

The iPeMS MAP-21 Module calculates performance measures for internal and external reporting; summarizes complex data into easy to read dashboards, plots, tables, and maps to easily communicate performance information to stakeholders; and empowers personnel with system information needed to implement a performance management approach to investment and policy decision-making.

Lessons learned from initial line helped to deliver this off-street busway with a parallel bikeway and pedestrian pathway. The paper describes how it was achieved.