ITSdigest Launches ITS Vendor Forum
March 01, 2017
Pete Goldin

With the first blog from Jim Barbaresso at HNTB, ITSdigest has launched the ITS Vendor Forum.

The ITS Vendor Forum was established to give vendors of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies an opportunity to share their views with the ITS community and the greater transportation market in an objective venue. The ITSdigest Vendor Forum is open to vendors of ITS technologies; automotive suppliers; and construction companies, technology integrators and project managers that serve the transportation industry. All commentary in Vendor Forum blogs is intended to be objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional content to educate and enlighten our readers.

All vendors in the ITS, transportation and automotive spaces are welcome to blog on the Vendor Forum at no cost. Vendors that sponsor ITSdigest gain additional benefits, such as multiple blogging accounts, the ability to include promotional links with blogs, as well as posting ads, papers, videos and webinars on ITSdigest.

Organizations that blog on the Vendor Forum include:

■ ITS Product Vendors

■ Automotive and Transportation Suppliers, Distributors and Resellers

■ Construction, Engineering and Project Management Services

■ Technology Integrators

To request a blogging account on the Vendor Forum, contact Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of ITSdigest.

Before writing a blog, check out the Vendor Forum Rules.

Bloggers who do not represent a vendor, would blog on The ITS Blog.

ITSdigest accepts Vendor Forum blogs on topics relating to ITS and all related technologies, including:

■ Autonomous Vehicles

■ Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

■ Traffic Management

■ Travel Information Systems

■ Open Road Tolling

■ Public Transport

■ Transportation Safety

■ Emissions Control

■ Fleet Management

■ Parking