ITSdigest: The World's ITS Blog
February 06, 2017
Pete Goldin

ITSdigest is a new blog for the global Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) community.

The purpose of ITSdigest is to give a voice to the members of the ITS community around the world, empower them to share knowledge and express their views, and ultimately to help advance the industry through collaboration. Blogs will discuss the future of ITS, where we are going or where we should be going, safety issues, environmental issues, privacy issues — everything that the ITS industry is thinking about today. Blogs will provide advice, tips and lessons learned. Blogs will offer perspectives on ITS that you might not have thought about before.

The timing is right for an ITS community blog, with several autonomous vehicle programs debuting vehicles around the world, as well as a greater commitment being made to connected vehicles. ITS has been around for a long time, but this is the beginning of the Era of ITS.

You Are Welcome to Blog on ITSdigest

ITSdigest is really about you. This is your opportunity to share your views with the ITS industry.

Any organization involved in ITS is welcome to open a blogging account, at no cost.

ITS product vendors and automotive suppliers are eligible to open one blogging account per company at no cost, but vendors that sponsor the site are eligible to open multiple blogging accounts for the company's various thought leaders. ITSdigest will be posting the first Vendor Forum blog in the next week or so. Once posted, Vendor Forum blogs can be accessed via the "Forum" tab on the top nav bar. The latest Vendor Forum blogs will also be listed on the home page, in the right column, in a section under the ITS Blog.

In addition, any individuals who do not work for vendors — such as associations, consultants, analysts, researchers, the academic sector, auto OEMs, and the public sector — are welcome to open their own blogging accounts at no cost.

So think of ITSdigest not only as a site where you come to read about the ITS industry, but also a site where you come to express your own views about the ITS industry.

ITS experts (who do not represent vendors) interested in blogging on the ITS Blog click here for more info.

Vendors interested in blogging on the ITSdigest Vendor Forum click here for more info.

Vendors interested in sponsoring ITSdigest click here for more info.

ITSdigest intends to serve as the Intelligent Transportation Systems blog for the global ITS industry, and members of the ITS community from any country are welcome to blog on the site and represent their geographical region.

Topics for Blogs

Any topic that relates to ITS is acceptable for a blog, as long as it meets ITSdigest guidelines. And ITSdigest will even extend beyond the borders of ITS to discuss transportation in general, smart cities, and more.

Just a few of the primary topics covered on ITSdigest include:

■ Autonomous Vehicles

■ Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

■ Traffic Management

■ Travel Information Systems

■ Open Road Tolling

■ Public Transport

■ Transportation Safety

■ Emissions Control

■ Fleet Management

■ Advanced Parking Technology

ITS Resources

In addition to the blogs and features, ITSdigest posts videos and webinars under the "Videos" tab, and papers under the "Papers" tab. They can be accessed by clicking directly on the links in the left column on every page of the site, or by clicking on the "Videos" and "Papers" tabs in the top nav bar. Only sponsors of ITS digest can post videos and papers on the site.

About ITSdigest

Why did I launch ITSdigest? As Editor and Publisher of the site, I have a combined 15 years of experience as an ITS and transportation journalist plus 7 years of experience running technology blogs such as APMdigest and DEVOPSdigest. I thought this was the perfect combination to launch a blog about Intelligent Transportation Systems, a market that holds special interest for me.

Special thanks goes out to Tom Roberts from Iteris, the first sponsor of ITSdigest. Without Tom and Iteris, ITSdigest could not have been launched.

ITSdigest is funded by sponsorships, but the site is completely independently owned and operated by Pete Goldin and Goldin Media.

Special thanks also goes to Andrew Barriball, the publisher of ITS International magazine, for providing me with the opportunity to write about ITS for the last 15 years.