About ITSdigest

ITSdigest is a global blog that covers all technologies and issues related to Intelligent Transportation Technology.

It is a community for the ITS industry where analysts and consultants, the academic sector and researchers, the public sector and vendors can all come together to discuss and debate hot topics, inform and educate each other, and ultimately strengthen and advance the ITS market.

The following is a guide to the different content sections ITSdigest offers:

The ITS Blog: An ITSdigest blog featuring content from non-vendor industry experts.

Vendor Forum: An ITSdigest blog featuring content from vendors of ITS and transportation technologies and services.

Features: Feature content not attributed to specific bloggers.

Papers: Downloads of white papers, eBooks, reports and other ITS-related documentation. Only sponsors of ITSdigest can post papers.

Videos: On-demand videos and webinars on a variety of ITS-related topics. Only sponsors of ITSdigest can post videos and webinars.

Editor Blog: Pete Goldin's blog covering news about the ITSdigest website, such as new sponsors, new bloggers and new features of the site.


The ITS Blog features blogs from non-vendor experts in ITS.

Organizations that blog on the ITS Blog include:
■ ITS Users
■ Public Sector
■ Associations and Non-Profit Organizations
■ Industry Analysts
■ Researchers
■ The Academic Sector
■ Auto OEMs
■ Media

If you would like to join The ITS Blog, Contact Pete Goldin. If you are a technology vendor, however, please check out the Vendor Forum below.


The ITSdigest Vendor Forum was established to give vendors in the ITS market an opportunity to share their views with the transportation community in an objective venue. The ITSdigest Vendor Forum is open to vendors of ITS and transportation technologies and services. All commentary in Vendor Forum blogs is intended to be objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional content to educate and enlighten ITSdigest readers.

Organizations that blog on the Vendor Forum include:
■ ITS Product Vendors
■ Automotive and Transportation Suppliers, Distributors and Resellers
■ Construction, Engineering and Project Management Services
■ Technology Integrators

All vendors in the ITS market spaces are welcome to blog on the Vendor Forum. ITSdigest Gold Sponsors are eligible to open up to 10 blogging accounts in the Vendor Forum. ITSdigest Silver Sponsors are eligible for 4 accounts. Non-sponsors are allowed one account per company.

Contact Pete Goldin to register for a blogging account.

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ITSdigest maintains a sponsorship program that enables technology vendors, auto OEMs and suppliers to promote products, videos, webinars and white papers. Click here to find out how you can sponsor ITSdigest


ITSdigest was launched in February 2017 with the goal of becoming the world's ITS blog.

Editor and Publisher Pete Goldin launched ITSdigest partner website APMdigest in 2010, and DEVOPSdigest in 2015.

Although funded by vendor sponsorships, ITSdigest is completely independently owned and operated by Goldin Digital Publishing Inc. and Goldin Media.


Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of ITSdigest and owner of Goldin Digital Publishing Inc., has been an ITS and transportation journalist since 2002, writing for a variety of US and UK transportation publications. In this capacity, he has interviewed transportation professionals all over the world, top executives at major transportation-related companies, state and US DOT managers, and members of US congress transportation committees.

He has written articles for the following magazines: ITS International, World Highways, Pulse, Flight Global, International Freighting Weekly (IFW), Midwest Rail Report, Parking Today. Goldin also served as a journalist for daily news magazines published on-site at transportation-related trade shows including: ITS Daily News at ITS America and ITS World Congress; Intertraffic Daily News at Intertraffic Amsterdam; Flight Daily/Evening News at NBAA, AIX, Oshkosh and Farnborough airshows. In addition to writing, he served as Managing Editor and Technology Editor of Parking World, and News Editor for the Midwest Rail Report.

In addition, Pete Goldin has been a publications consultant, manager and editor, and a freelance PR and marketing writer, in a wide variety of technology fields since 1993. He has written PR and marketing materials for more than 100 technology companies around the world, including Oracle, Red Hat/IBM, VMware, Acer, Dassault Systemes, Littelfuse and Magellan GPS.

He also currently serves as Editor and Publisher of APMdigest and DEVOPSdigest.