ITS Blog Guidelines

Please observe the following editorial guidelines when submitting blogs to the ITS Blog on ITSdigest:

Getting Started

ITSdigest recommends that you send an abstract or outline of your potential blog submission to Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of ITSdigest, before you start writing the blog, to ensure it is something we would publish.

The following guidelines apply to non-vendors who would like to post a blog on ITSdigest. Non-vendor blogs are posted in The ITS Blog.

Organizations that blog on the ITS Blog include:
■ ITS Users
■ Public Sector
■ Associations and Non-Profit Organizations
■ Industry Analysts
■ Researchers
■ The Academic Sector
■ Auto OEMs
■ Media

Vendor blogs are posted in the Vendor Forum. If you work for or represent an ITS or transportation product or service vendor and you want to submit a blog to ITSdigest, click here for the Vendor Forum guidelines. The Vendor Forum is open to vendors of ITS technologies; automotive suppliers; and construction companies, technology integrators and project managers that serve the transportation industry.

Organizations that blog on the Vendor Forum include:
■ ITS Product Vendors
■ Automotive and Transportation Suppliers, Distributors and Resellers
■ Construction, Engineering and Project Management Services
■ Technology Integrators

Original Content

All blogs submitted to ITSdigest must be original content that has not been published somewhere else. ITSdigest periodically may request to re-post a blog, if the content is particularly valuable to our readers, but please do not pitch ITSdigest to re-post your blog.

Word Count

Standard word count for a feature blog is 500-1000 words. This is not a strict rule. Word counts can be longer if the topic warrants more content. If your blog is longer than 1000 words, however, you may want to consider breaking it into multiple parts. Editorial decisions relating to word count are made on a case-by-case basis.


ITSdigest does not follow an editorial calendar, and usually does not assign a deadline. Content is posted as it is received, with sponsor blogs as a priority.


ITSdigest accepts blogs on topics relating to ITS and all related technologies, including:

■ Autonomous Vehicles

■ Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

■ Traffic Management

■ Travel Information Systems

■ Open Road Tolling

■ Public Transport

■ Transportation Safety

■ Emissions Control

■ Transportation Cybersecurity

■ Fleet Management

■ Parking

Content Guidelines

Blogs should be objective, vendor-neutral, thought leadership pieces. Topics should be general industry interest to educate and enlighten our readers. Please do not promote your company, products, partners or any vendor — or criticize the competition — in the blog copy or in related graphics submitted with the blog.

Author and Company Profile

If this is your first blog for ITSdigest, send a one paragraph bio of the author and one paragraph profile of the company, along with the blog.

Related Links

On the ITS Blog, non-vendor bloggers are welcome to include hyperlinks in the body copy, and links at the end of the blog.


All blogs will be reviewed by ITSdigest prior to publication. ITSdigest reserves the right to edit any content submitted, and the publication of any blog is at the sole discretion of ITSdigest. Related links included with the blog are also subject to ITSdigest approval.

Reposting blogs

If you contribute to ITSdigest, you are free to re-post your own blog on your own website, as long as you mention that the blog was posted on ITSdigest, and include a link to ITSdigest.

However, we recommend linking to the blog on rather than posting the full blog on your site, to highlight the fact that the content was published by an independent third party. Publication of your blog on a respected industry site provides strong thought leadership credibility for the author and company.