Autonomous Vehicles: #1 Top Emerging Technology to Watch in 2021
December 04, 2020

Pete Goldin

Lux Research has named autonomous vehicles and as the number one emerging technology to watch in 2021.

According to the firm's Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch report, "Improvements in safety and efficiency are happening at all levels of vehicle automation, benefiting both consumer vehicles and commercial applications. Further out,Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles will open new mobility and logistics possibilities by removing the need for a driver in a vehicle."

According to Lux Research, megatrends driving autonomous vehicles include:

■ AI, analytics, & data: Improved data from both maps and sensors, along with advances in AI to translate into actions, help make autonomy possible.

■ Workforce automation: Autonomy can help replace existing drivers or aid areas like trucking with labor shortages.

The report also highlights technology innovations that are key to autonomous vehicles:

■ Data fusion of multiple sensors: Sensor data fusion and environmental modeling are increasingly offered as software components from specialty AV companies and startups.

■ High-definition mapping: Real-time and high-resolution 3D maps for autonomous vehicles as well as for advanced driver assistance systems.