Consumers Expect to be Riding Hyperloops in 2030
February 12, 2019

Pete Goldin

Consumers expect that cities in 2030 will be filled with technology that improves overall quality of life, delivers socially-conscious benefits and personalizes experiences, according to a survey by Dassault Systèmes and CITE Research.

Personalized experiences are seen as the primary benefit of advancing technologies, particularly among millennials, the survey says. Among 18-34 year olds, technology is expected to deliver experiences that are customized to their own personal needs and tastes; respondents over the age of 35 expect technology advancements to provide primarily a better quality of life.

While consumers expect personalization as one of the top benefits of technological innovations in 2030, they also cite security, energy efficiency, convenience, accessibility, savings and prevention as benefits expected from the different technologies.

One of the main topics covered in the survey, transportation and mobility is expected to become increasingly electric and connected, improving cost savings, travel time, road safety and quality of life.

Survey findings include the following expectations by 2030:

■ More than 70 percent of respondents expect to use hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

■ More than half expect to travel by hyperloop.

■ 38 percent expect to be using air taxis.

■ More than 75 percent expect personalized passenger experiences such as navigation path optimization and city-controlled traffic regulation.

■ The majority expects not to allow access to personal data in order to improve such services.

“This survey on consumer expectations of the city of 2030 allows us to gauge the hype versus what consumers perceive as realities that are truly coming their way,” said Florence Verzelen, EVP, Industry Solutions, Field Marketing, Global Affairs, Dassault Systèmes. “Consumers expect massive change in every aspect of their lives. This glimpse into their thinking offers valuable feedback to companies on what to explore, develop and accelerate. It confirms personalized initiatives as the dominating theme behind all innovation.”