Intelligent Transportation Cyber Security Task Force Launched
June 07, 2017

Regina Hopper
ITS America

The Washington, D.C. based Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) and the Frisco, Texas based Cyber Future Foundation (CFF) announced a partnership to form the Intelligent Transportation Cybersecurity Task Force (ITCTF).

The ITCTF is made up of transportation officials, automotive manufacturers, government and academic leaders, and other broader industry constituencies. Five working groups will review the critical issues posed as they relate to transportation; technology challenges; legal and liability issues; policy, regulation, and legislation.

CFF Chairman and Founder Valmiki Mukherjee states, “This task force is made up of some of the best minds in cyber security across the public, private and academic sectors. We will look at the challenges and opportunities these technologies present as we formulate sound policy for the future.”

Transformational transportation technologies are already dramatically changing the way both people and goods travel. As vehicles and infrastructure become more connected, it is critical to address these issues to assure the highest level of safety, privacy and reliability.

Regina Hopper is President and CEO of ITS America.