ITS Leaders Form Automated Vehicle Coalition
April 11, 2018

With a mission "To Improve Roads and Communities for a Safe and Responsible Future," the Automated Vehicle Coalition (AVC) announced its formal organization and list of founding, charter members.

The AVC, focused squarely on the common good of the public and the transportation industry, as opposed to the interest of individual corporations, is guided by the following principles:

■ Ensure that the safety of travelers is a primary driver of technological innovation.

■ Achieve equity for surface transportation, including the ability to improve the quality of life.

■ Strengthen the economy by supporting initiatives that entice technology-sector companies to invest in the creation of new jobs and new job types.

■ Attract and retain a diverse, talented, and engaged local workforce.

■ Link business and industry with education, to focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

■ Maximize mobility through the correct and safe application of automated vehicles.

The AVC founding, charter members:

■ Cisco
■ Econolite
■ Kuharchik Construction
■ Gannett Fleming
■ Phoenix Contact
■ Royal Truck and Equipment.

Fred Bergstresser, Government Account Manager with Royal Truck & Equipment, stated: “It is important to gather industry, academia, and government as a group, to help guide and prepare for technological changes in our transportation system. As a group, we can amplify the positive effect on vehicle safety, capture job development opportunity, and together become more responsible members of the community.”

“The convergence of many profound technological advances offers tremendous opportunities to improve the safety and efficiency of our transportation systems,” commented Robert M. Scaer, PE, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Gannett Fleming.

Econolite President and COO Abbas Mohaddes added: “The momentum that the AVC creates will certainly help deliver on the promise of automated vehicles enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our roadways.”

Vincent Galko has been appointed Executive Director of the AVC; Elizabeth Hall serves as the Director of Corporate Outreach and Research.