ITS Vendor Forum

March 13, 2019
Kimberly Slaughter

The rise of autonomous vehicles has seized the media spotlight and for good reason: this technology will radically transform mobility in the coming decades. Yet another, quieter revolution also is underway in the transportation space as innovative transit agencies embrace advanced technology tools for delivering safe, cost-effective services to their communities ...

January 24, 2019
Jim Barbaresso and Greg Krueger

As the nation moves toward deployment of autonomous and connected vehicles, safety remains a top priority for public and private sector leaders alike. Self-driving technology promises to improve safety by removing the potential for human error, which contributes to an estimated 95 percent of accidents ...

January 23, 2019
Jim Barbaresso and Greg Krueger

As emerging technologies such as connected and autonomous vehicles are deployed on a wider scale, disruptive innovations are poised to revolutionize surface transportation infrastructure and personal mobility ...

January 14, 2019
Raphael Gindrat

We've heard how new mobility services will improve quality of life for city residents by making car ownership optional, if not obsolete — but, so far, it hasn't happened. In fact, in many cities, traffic has gotten worse since the advent of ridehailing services ...

June 27, 2018
Jim Barbaresso

As an influx of connected and autonomous vehicles reaches American roads over the next decade, many sweeping changes to our transportation network are expected. In the distant future, they even may completely re-frame the way cities are designed. When these technologies become the norm, where will these changes begin? ...

June 04, 2018
Jim Barbaresso

Americans expect autonomous, self-driving vehicles will be commonplace in America within the next 15 years, according to research published in a new HNTB survey, which also highlights the need for infrastructure solutions to accommodate their use ...

May 15, 2018
Kevin Hoeflich

It' no secret that connected and autonomous vehicle technology is just around the corner, and will profoundly affect the U.S. transportation network. With this knowledge, toll agencies have two choices: invest to prepare their systems to leverage these coming technologies, or maintain status quo and risk falling behind, potentially being unprepared ...

January 05, 2018
Sam Morrissey

I listened to a live webcast, Washington Post Live: Transformers Cities. There was the usual discussion of how autonomous vehicles were going to shake up the way we get around, but I want to focus in on the question of the role of public transit ...

November 30, 2017
Jim Barbaresso

Technology is a key component in a city achieving "smart" status. However, cities should not implement technology for its own sake – it must be implemented strategically to solve real issues ...

November 27, 2017
Brian Christensen
Campbell Scientific

Around the world thousands of road weather information systems (RWIS) have been set up to improve road safety during inclement weather (rain, snow, sleet, fog), increase efficient management of labor, equipment and materials for a variety of organizations, and to reduce the adverse environmental impacts from road maintenance activities (salt, de-icing chemicals) ...