ITS Vendor Forum

March 22, 2017
Marwan Abboud

Driverless technology isn't about the future – it's about now. Already we are seeing increased congestion as people shift from public transit in favor of Uber and other ridesourcing services. The advent of driverless vehicles may exacerbate the problem further as more vehicles join the roadways ...

March 15, 2017
Jim Barbaresso

According to former USDOT Undersecretary Peter Rogoff, intelligent vehicle technology will be a $35 billion industry in the US. Many state departments of transportation are showing interest in or are actively seeking intelligent transportation systems solutions. Why are agencies so interested in ITS? Implementation offers a high return on investment. Here are 6 ways transportation agencies can benefit from ITS ...

March 02, 2017
Andrew McFarlane

The 2020s is predicted to be "the decade of the electric car". After a slow start, worldwide sales are expected to soar as the cost of the relevant technology reduces and the potential benefits to the environment increase. Advances in technology, including wireless charging and supportive government policies suggest we might be reaching a turning point ...

March 01, 2017
Jim Barbaresso

Over the next 30 years, millions of people will die in car crashes in the United States. We now have the technical capability to save those lives. Vehicle connectivity and automation are poised to exert a dramatically positive impact on the future of transportation safety and American cities ...